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About Conjure Fest

ATL Conjure & Culture Festival is an event aimed at educating and celebrating all of the spiritual traditions and culture of African Americans. Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Southern Conjure and African Spirituality have recently risen to main stream prominence due to many people's misgivings with western religions and their desire to find answers where they could not before. Unfortunately, the internet is rampant with misinformation. The mission of Conjure Fest is to be a safe place for those seeking knowledge in the various indigenous spiritual traditions of old and new.  Those with a desire to come together to learn, fellowship, network and grow don't want to miss this magical event. Day 1 will feature workshops, guest speakers, performances and a vendor market. Day 2 will feature a banquet celebration with live music, an ancestral ring shout presentation, as well as a hair and fashion show.